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21Nov 2017

Vietnam visa for UK citizens visiting mainland and Phu Quoc

Question: I will be travelling to Vietnam on the 16th of December and spending one day in Ho Chi Minh City and another 7 days in Hanoi, which mean I won’t need a visa. However after visiting Hanoi I have a flight booked for Phu Quoc Island and stay in Phu Quoc for 17 days. I’ve heard that British […]

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10Nov 2017

E-visa for Vietnam via xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn issues

Question Good morning, My name is Stela and I applied for e-visa to travel to Vietnam on the following website: https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/ I applied on Monday and received the confirmation code as attached in this email. It has almost been 3 working days since then and my e-visa is still being processed. I am worried as […]

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24Jul 2017

Do I need multiple or single entry visa for Vietnam?

Question  Hi, We are flying into Hanoi and then down to Ho Chi Minh and onto Phu Quoc for 3 days then back to Ho Chi Minh to fly back to Australia. Do we need a multi entry visa for this or a single visa is enough? Thanks for any help! Sophia Answer  Dear Sophia, You will […]

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29Jun 2017

Is that visa on arrival only for some limited cases or all tourists can use it?

Question  Hi, I have a look at the Vietnam Embassy in Ottawa, Canada showing that visa on arrival is only for limited cases and not for all tourists. If I get the letter, will they still accept it at the immigration? Please let me know. Thanks. Vishy Answer  Dear Mr Vishy, The instruction from the […]

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02Mar 2017

Vietnam e-visa issues and emergency visa on arrival at last minutes

Question: My boyfriend and myself are traveling to Vietnam today and my e-visa has not come through. We applied on the website www.immigration.gov.vn last week. My boyfriend’s application has been granted but we are unable to access the website through the computers in the hostel and only on our phones. I would like to contact […]

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22Feb 2017

How to correct the entered information for Vietnam e-visa 2017?

Question: Hi, I managed to get an email or response back from the government e-visa team but unsuccessful. I have filled out the little trouble form on the site 3 times and sent 2 emails with no results… I am not sure how important my error is. On e-visa it says: birthday 11/06/199x and my real birthday should […]

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20Feb 2017

Problem with e-visa for Vietnam via government website

Question:  I have a booking via the government portal which I have already paid for on this website https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/home However, I am worried that it won’t be processed in time and wondering if you can assist at all or knew what the situation would be. I have applied on the evening of 19/2/17 and need […]

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27Dec 2016

Vietnam visa for Cyprus passport holders entering on a cruise ship

Question Hello, I am a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus, and will be on a cruise ship calling at Ho Chi Minh (Phu My) and Nha Trang. I have just checked and learned that I need a visa to enter Vietnam, but that since there is no Vietnamese consular service in Cyprus I need […]

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25Nov 2016

How could I speed up visa application process in Nanning?

Question Hello, I am an Irishman living in Guilin and want to travel to Vietnam in January. I wish to collect my visa from Nanning and it is supposed to be 4-6 day process. I was wondering if I could speed up the process by sending the completed paperwork to the embassy before I arrive […]

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21Nov 2016

How important of giving exact date of entry for Vietnam visa?

Question Dear Vietnam visa, I am unsure of the exact date of my arrival in Vietnam. Just wonder how important is this date? Please let me know as I said, I am unsure about it. It could be up to two weeks from my desired date of arrival. I shall be awaiting your response. Thank […]

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