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Is that visa on arrival only for some limited cases or all tourists can use it?


I have a look at the Vietnam Embassy in Ottawa, Canada showing that visa on arrival is only for limited cases and not for all tourists. If I get the letter, will they still accept it at the immigration? Please let me know. Thanks.


Dear Mr Vishy,
The instruction from the Vietnam Embassy in Ottawa, Canada is correct but not really.
As you know, Vietnam visa on arrival is regulated in Vietnam Laws on Immigration 2015 hence it is endorsed by the Vietnamese Government. This is a legitimate process and your visa is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. As indicated in the Law on entry, exit and residence of foreigner in Vietnam (No. 47/2014/QH13 of June 16, 2014), Chapter II, Article 18, visa issuance at border checkpoints under the following conditions:
a) The foreigner departs from a country that does not have any visa-issuing authority of Vietnam;
b) The foreigner has to stop by multiple countries before arriving at Vietnam;
c) The foreigner comes to Vietnam to take a tour organized by an international tourism company in Vietnam;
d) Foreign crew members of a ship anchoring at a Vietnam’s port and wish to leave Vietnam through another border checkpoint;
dd) The foreigner comes to Vietnam to attend a funeral of his/her relative, or to visit a gravely ill relative;
e) The foreigner comes to Vietnam to participate in dealing with an emergency, rescue, prevention of natural disasters, epidemics, or for another purpose at the request of a competent authority of Vietnam.

Vietnam immigration policies always gives favorable conditions for the tourists entering Vietnam. There is real that visa processed by overseas visa-issuing authority takes long time with complicated process that causes the applicants inconvenience. Luckily, in the Article 18 of the Vietnam Laws on Immigration 2015, it regulates that if the foreigners have to stop by several countries before arriving to Vietnam they can use visa on arrival. Moreover, when we process the foreigner’s visa, we always provide a nominal tour itinerary to the Vietnam Immigration Department for their approval. This will ensure that all the customers will comply with the Vietnam Laws on Immigration when they apply for a visa via our company.
Don’t worry, you always have a reason to apply for visa on arrival!

Kind regards,

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