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How to correct the entered information for Vietnam e-visa 2017?



I managed to get an email or response back from the government e-visa team but unsuccessful.

I have filled out the little trouble form on the site 3 times and sent 2 emails with no results… I am not sure how important my error is. On e-visa it says: birthday 11/06/199x and my real birthday should be 06/11/199x. The visa does not show month/day/year… just says birthday 11/06/199x. I wonder if that is going to matter at the airport or on arrival?

I have requested they change it but have not gotten a response and each search results in the same visa if I enter 11/06/199x and if I enter 06/11/199x it shows NO RESULTS FOUND.

I really appreciate your kindly help.



Dear Maria,

In Vietnam, the date format should be day/month/year. Obviously, they gave you an e-visa with the date of birth 11 June 199x (11/6/199x). This is not a serious problem and you can note the Vietnam Immigration Officers at arrival airport on this issue. However, in some cases it will be a matter with the airlines and you are not allowed to get on the plane until you have your visa corrected.

The e-visa system has just been launched since 1 February 2017 that so there are some issues need to be solved. The customers may have a trouble in contacting the supporting team. This will cause a serious problem if you got a mistake like entering incorrect passport number, your full name, date of entry or even your nationality information… So you are strongly recommended to double check with your passport carefully before submitting your visa application and when you received e-visa from the system.

In case you find out a mistake, please contact the e-visa team immediately via phone number + (84)438264026 or via email published on the website. If you don’t have a response back from them, it is time to choose another option: Vietnam visa on arrival to correct the mistakes. It will keep you away from trouble at the airports. In this case, your incorrect e-visa will be replaced by a visa approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. You just need to print out the letter of approval to get on the plane and pick up visa at arrival airport with no worries.

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