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30May 2022

How the Taiwanese citizens apply for a visa for Vietnam after the pandemic?

After the long and severe epidemic, tourists from many countries have returned to Vietnam where has been considered as a safe destination for the travelers during the pandemic. Among them are many Taiwanese tourists wishing to travel to Vietnam in a short time. Vietnam with favorable natural conditions, has a long coastline, gentle people and […]

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12Apr 2022

List of 80 countries eligible for Vietnam e-visa

Citizens of these 80 countries could apply for 30-day, single-entry e-visas starting February 1, 2019. 1. Andorra 2. Argentina 3. Armenia 4. Australia 5. Austria 6. Azerbaijan 7. Belarus 8. Belgium 9. Bosnia and Herzegovina 10. Brazil 11. Brunei 12. Bulgaria 13. Canada 14. Chile 15. China (also applicable to Hong Kong and Macau passport […]

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25Mar 2022

List of Vietnam’s International border gates crossing to China, Laos and Cambodia

If you arrive in Vietnam with e-visa, you can select to travel via border gates on land as well as the airports. Here is a complete list to date of Vietnam’s international border gates including 23 main border gates by land, waterways, or train plus eight international airports in Vietnam including Hanoi’s Noi Bai airport, […]

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19Feb 2020

Why US citizens overstay with 1 year tourist visa Vietnam and what to do?

United States is the only nation whose citizenship granted 1 year tourist visa Vietnam. However, with 1 year tourist visa the citizens of US can stay in Vietnam maximum 3 months each visit. Many travelers did not notice this and they stay straight more than 3 months. It causes a serious problem which needs a […]

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19Dec 2019

Vietnamese Tet holiday 2024 and guide to obtain Vietnam visa on holiday

Tet holiday or Vietnamese Lunar New Year is the most significant festival in Vietnam. In 2024, Tet starts from February 8th until February 14th, 2022 (7 days) and it’s good time for foreign tourists to spend their vacation in Vietnam enjoying the longest festival. During this time, all the Vietnam organizations stops working, including the Vietnam Immigration Department (except […]

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23Oct 2019

Instruction on how to get Vietnam Temporary Residence Cards (TRC)

Normally, the foreigners are permitted to stay in Vietnam for a specific length of stay. When the visa is about expired, the foreigners have to leave the country for visa run or extend the visa to stay in Vietnam longer. This is complicated process that you have to spend a lot of time and money. If […]

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17Jan 2018

Vietnam visa on arrival during Vietnamese Tet Holiday (Lunar New Year Festival 2018)

Vietnamese Tet Holiday is the most important festival of the year. In 2018, Vietnamese Tet Holiday will be from 14 February 2018 until 20 February 2018. During this time, all Vietnamese people gather together with their family, visit their relatives and go out for sight seeing. There is no office working on these days, even […]

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25Dec 2017

List of 40 countries whose citizens can apply for e-visa for Vietnam from 2017

From 1 February 2017: Citizens from 40 countries will be eligible to apply for the e-visas starting from 1 February 2017: 1. Azerbaijan 2. Argentina 3. Armenia 4. Ireland 5. Poland 6. Belarus 7. Bulgaria 8. Brunei 9. South Korea 10. Germany 11. Chile 12. Colombia 13. Czech Republic 14. Cuba 15. Denmark 16. Timor Leste […]

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17Nov 2017

Work in Vietnam: Obtaining Vietnamese Work Permit

In order to work in Vietnam, most foreign workers require a work permit except the exemption cases. Vietnamese Work Permit is issued by the Department of Labor, Invalid and Society and valid for a period of 36 months (3 years) maximum. It is one of the most important conditions for foreigners to obtain a long-term visa or 1-3 year […]

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16Nov 2017

Who is eligible for Vietnam Work Permit exemption?

According to Decree No.11/2016/ND-CP and Labour Code No.10/2012/QH13, cases NOT subject to work permit are supplemented: 1. Foreign workers specified in the Labor Code, including: a. As a capital contributing member or owner of a limited liability company. b. As a member of the Board of Directors of a joint stock company; c. As a head […]

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