Low cost Vietnam visa
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Do I need visa for Vietnam?

Checking if visa required or not?

Visa application form

How to apply Vietnam visa online?

It is very simple process which helps you get a visa to Vietnam easily in a short time

Step 1: Fill in the form


Fill in the application form online with the passport details. The entered information must exactly match your passport details.

Step 2: Confirm information


Check the passport details to make sure they are totally correct and pay the service fee. You will receive our confirmation via email shortly.

Step 3: Get approval letter


The visa approval letter will be delivered via email in a given time. It can be 2 working days in standard mode or few hours in emergency cases.

Step 4: Get visa stamped


At arrival airport in Vietnam, you will have a visa stamped after showing your original passport, photo, entry and exit form and paying the stamping fee.

Vietnam visa price

Start applying for Vietnam visa on arrival from US$ 9 per visa only

Vietnam tourist visa

Vietnam e-visa has been introduced in February 2017 for the first time and there are 80 countries whose citizens are eligible for Vietnam e-visa now.

Visa typeCost per person (USD)
Normal service
(3 - 5 working days)
Rush service
(2 working days)
Urgent service
(1 working day)
Emergency service
(4 working hours)
Last minutes service
(2 hours service)
30 days single entry tourist visa (e-visa)$ 45$ 95$ 125$ 165$ 225
Stamping feeNot requiredNot requiredNot requiredNot requiredNot required

Vietnam business visa

Vietnam business visa, which is categorized as visa DN, LV or DT, is granted to those who enter Vietnam for business purposes. A business visa can be valid up to 6 months or 1 year, for single or multiple entry.
Note: The foreigners now can apply for a business visa with a sponsoring Vietnamese company ONLY.

Business visa
Cost per person (USD)
Normal processing fee (2 working days)Urgent
(within 24 hours)
Super urgent
(4 working hours)
Stamping fee
1-2 pax3-5 pax6-9 pax10 pax +
Single entry DN visa1 month $ 80 $ 78 $ 76 $ 74plus $ 10plus $ 20 $ 25
3 months $ 105 $ 102 $ 100 $ 98plus $ 10plus $ 20 $ 25
Multiple entry DN visa1 month $ 90 $ 88 $ 86 $ 84plus $ 10plus $ 20 $ 50
3 months $ 125 $ 123 $ 120 $ 118plus $ 10plus $ 20 $ 50
Long term visa, single or multiple entry DN visa6 months US$ 260 $ 258 $ 256 $ 254plus $ 10NA $ 95
1 year (**) US$ 395 $ 393 $ 391 $ 389plus $ 10NA $ 135

(**) 1 year multiple entry business visa for US citizens is cheaper, just from US$ 170, under the bilateral diplomatic note No. 173/NG-LS between 2 countries.

Express immigration support

How to push up visa on arrival process using fast track immigration support service?

Vietnam visa fast track service

Although visa on arrival is beneficial for foreign travelers in many ways, it seems not to delight those who must experience queuing at customs desk for hours to wait for visa stamp. Visa fast track service helps the visitors getting visa stamp, visa sticker at arrival airport quickly without getting line to avoid wasting visitor’s valuable time, especially after having a long flight or other personal reasons… Learn more about Vietnam visa fast track service