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How to enter Vietnam with business visa during covid-19 pandemic?

Our world has changed dramatically during the pandemic and our lives were also changed. Facing to the crisis our world is suffering, the Vietnamese government is implementing safety procedures in order to protect its citizens and visitors against covid-19 and prevent the spread of such pandemic throughout the country. One of the procedures is the Vietnam Medical Declaration and the immigration policy. The government continues to open the flights to pickup its citizens and “experts, business managers and highly skilled workers” who are necessary to keep Vietnamese economy running… to enter Vietnam. At the moment, all the people entering Vietnam must be quarantined 14 days in hotels or designated location. They must undergo a PCR test 3 – 5 days before arrival in Vietnam and twice more after entering the country.

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As the result, only the “experts, business managers and highly skilled workers” who is granted a business visa can enter Vietnam. In order to enter Vietnam during the pandemic, the foreigners should follow steps below:
Step 1: The sponsoring company in Vietnam prepares documents to submit to the Department of Labour, Valids and Society Affairs, Provincial People Committee and the Vietnam Immigration Department. If you don’t have sponsoring company please contact us for the help;
Step 2: The Provincial People Committee and the Vietnam Immigration Department approved, the applicants will receive a visa approval letter to pickup visa at arrival airport
Step 3: The sponsoring company will work with the Centre for International Medical Quarantine for the quarantine methods and book the hotel and the applicants will book the flight. Before arrival in Vietnam 3 – 5 days, the applicants have to take the first PRC test;
Step 4: The applicant print out approval letter, copy of the PRC test, hotel booking confirmation to get on the plane. Upon arrival, the application will receive a business visa onto passport, move to the vehicle and transfer to hotel
Step 5: Enter Vietnam and start 14 days quarantine.
If you have a sponsoring company in Vietnam (or not, please contact us), we can help you to:
1- Get approved by the Provincial People Committee;
2- Get approval letter from the Vietnam Immigration Department
3- Book a hotel for quarantine 14 days
4- Asist you getting into Vietnam and transfer from the airport to the quarantine area

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