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22Feb 2021

How to enter Vietnam during Covid 19 pandemic with/ without sponsor company

During Covid 19 pandemic, only foreign experts, business managers and highly skilled workers holding valid business visas sponsored by a Vietnamese company are allowed to enter Vietnam. If you don’t have a sponsor company for a business visa, we can help you! The Covid 19 pandemic has affected many aspects of all people in the […]

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19Dec 2020

How to enter Vietnam with business visa during covid-19 pandemic?

Our world has changed dramatically during the pandemic and our lives were also changed. Facing to the crisis our world is suffering, the Vietnamese government is implementing safety procedures in order to protect its citizens and visitors against covid-19 and prevent the spread of such pandemic throughout the country. One of the procedures is the […]

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17Feb 2020

How to get 5-years Vietnam visa exemption?

By Decision No. 82/2015/ND-CP issued on 24th September, 2015 about Vietnam visa exemption, Vietnam now provide 5-years visa exemption certificate for oversea Vietnamese or foreigners who are the spouses or children of Vietnamese people. I. Legal basis for 5-years Vietnam visa exemption Law No. 47/2014/QH2013 – Law on Entry, exit, transit, residence of foreigners in Vietnam […]

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17Jan 2018

Vietnam visa on arrival during Vietnamese Tet Holiday (Lunar New Year Festival 2018)

Vietnamese Tet Holiday is the most important festival of the year. In 2018, Vietnamese Tet Holiday will be from 14 February 2018 until 20 February 2018. During this time, all Vietnamese people gather together with their family, visit their relatives and go out for sight seeing. There is no office working on these days, even […]

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18May 2017

All about Vietnam visa overstaying and the fines

Who are overstaying? All the travelers who are granted an entry Vietnam visa (tourist visa or business visa) or those who enter Vietnam with visa exemption will be considered as overstaying if they stay in Vietnam 1 day or more after the permitted date (visa expiry date). How serious of visa overstaying and the penalties? […]

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05May 2017

Is that required to print off the visa approval letter before arriving Vietnam?

We have seen many cases that the travelers haven’t got their printed visa approval letter before getting on the plane. As the regulation of the airlines, the travelers must present the printed visa approval letters for checking to ensure that they are qualified to enter Vietnam. However, sometime this step is accidentally skipped and you […]

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25Jan 2017

How to apply for Vietnam e-visa from August 15th, 2023

Vietnam evisa was first time introduced by the Vietnam Immigration Department in February 2017. During COVID 19 pandemic, it has been paused and then officially resumed on August 15th, 2023. Vietnam e-visa is now eligible for all the foreigners who expect to travel Vietnam for 30 – 90 days with single or multiple entry This […]

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16Jan 2017

Vietnamese Tet holiday 2017 and Vietnam visa on arrival on Tet holiday

Vietnamese New Year Festival (Tet) is considered the biggest and most popular festival of the year in Vietnam. It is the occasion for Vietnamese to express their respect and remembrance for their ancestors as well as welcoming the new year with their beloved family members. The Tet holiday 2017 will start from 26 January 2017 […]

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17Oct 2016

Step by step guide on applying Vietnam visa from Lebanon 100% success

There are many Lebanese citizens who expect to travel Vietnam for tourist and business purposes every year. However, Vietnam doesn’t establish and remain the Vietnam Embassy or Consulates inside Lebanon that makes travelers feel stressed by troublesome when they apply for visa to Vietnam. Now with Vietnam visa on arrival, the trouble is over! Check Vietnam visa requirement for […]

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17Oct 2016

How to apply for Vietnam visa from Brazil, South America

Brazil is the largest country in both South America and Latin America where there are many tourists travel to Vietnam every year. From Brazil, there are 2 common ways to get a visa to Vietnam: getting Vietnam visa at the Vietnam Embassy (traditional application) or getting Vietnam visa on arrival (online application). Normally, people applies for […]

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