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Is that required to print off the visa approval letter before arriving Vietnam?

We have seen many cases that the travelers haven’t got their printed visa approval letter before getting on the plane. As the regulation of the airlines, the travelers must present the printed visa approval letters for checking to ensure that they are qualified to enter Vietnam. However, sometime this step is accidentally skipped and you can board the plane without the printed visa approval letter. That’s will be a big problem when you land on Vietnam.

The travelers wondered if they can show up the electronic version of visa approval letter on their mobile phones at the Immigration Counter at arrival airport for visa stamp. The answer is: “NO”! The printed visa approval letter is required for receiving a visa upon arrival. If you have the electronic version of visa approval letter in your smartphone, that is not enough. You might be denied to immigrate into Vietnam as the electronic version is not accepted.

In emergency cases when you don’t have enough time to print out the letter of approval; or you can not find out the print shop at the departure airport, please try to manage to get on the plane without hard copy of visa approval letter and immediately order our fast immigration support service that we will send an agent to meet you at arrival airport with a printed visa approval letter and assist you getting the visa stamp without any hassle.
In any cases, please keep in mind that the printed visa approval letter is very important document for your visa on arrival process.

Please note down our hotline (telephone/ whatsapp) +84 912 685 141 or email vietnamvisabooking@gmail.com, it may be very helpful for your Vietnam immigration even you didn’t use our services before.

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