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How could I speed up visa application process in Nanning?



I am an Irishman living in Guilin and want to travel to Vietnam in January. I wish to collect my visa from Nanning and it is supposed to be 4-6 day process. I was wondering if I could speed up the process by sending the completed paperwork to the embassy before I arrive in Nanning.

We will be travelling by train into Vietnam so the e-visa will not work as far as I am aware.

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You are correct, visa on arrival is available for air entry only. Since you will travel Vietnam by train, e-visa will not work and you are required to apply for Vietnam visa at the General Consulate of Vietnam in Nanning.

The processing time at the Vietnam Embassy or Consulates will take longer than visa on arrival and it is stipulated by the Vietnam Embassy or Consulates themselves. You can send your passport off after contacting them directly to have an appointment to receive your passport and visa. It will save your time.

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