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How important of giving exact date of entry for Vietnam visa?


Dear Vietnam visa,
I am unsure of the exact date of my arrival in Vietnam. Just wonder how important is this date? Please let me know as I said, I am unsure about it. It could be up to two weeks from my desired date of arrival.
I shall be awaiting your response.
Thank you in advance.
Michael James


Dear Mr Michael James,
Thank you very much for your visa inquiry regarding to the date of entry.
You don’t have to provide the exact date of entry, however the proposed date of entry should be on or must be earlier than the actual date of entry.
Please note that you are permited to travel Vietnam AFTER the proposed date of entry (which is given when you apply for Vietnam visa and stated in the visa approval letter) but you are NOT allowed to travel Vietnam BEFORE that date. Thus, please make sure that your actual date of entry is behind the proposed date of entry.
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