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Should I fill out NA1 form with my passed away parents information?

I am planning to travel to Vietnam in a few weeks and preparing documents together. I already have a visa approval letter and I am trying to fill out the Entry and exit form (NA1 form). In this form, the details of your family member (parents, spouse, children, siblings…) are asked. However, both my parent are passed away several years ago. So, the question becomes, what should I fill in the section for father and mother in the form?

Hi Sarah,
Recently, the old Entry and exit form (M3) has been replaced by the Application form for Entry and exit Vietnam (NA1). The new form with more required details may make the travellers confused. In your case, you can leave the details of your parents blank or filled it with their name, gender, date of birth, nationality and ‘passed away’ at the Permanent residential address section.
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