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What to do if you lost your passport and visa in Vietnam?

Passport is one of the most important thing that you have to keep along with wherever you go. Like other countries, Vietnam authority may consider a serious problem once you have been found out staying in the country without passport. Thus, foreigners are advised to immediately do following jobs if they lost their passport in Vietnam:

  • The passport loser will report on loss of passport to the local police in the area where they have lost the passport or the place where they has registered for temporary residence. The application must state the name, nationality, passport number, date and place of issue, and the issuing agency. The local police will certify the report;
  • The passport owners will contact the Embassy or Consulates of their country to obtain new passport. If there is no diplomatic agency of their country in Vietnam, they must contact the diplomatic agency of their country in the third country to apply for new passport;
  • The Embassy or Consulates will send a diplomatic note announcing the cancellation of the lost passport and requesting Vietnamese authorities to issue an exit visa for the passport loser;
  • The Department of Foreign Affairs will forward the note to the Vietnam Immigration Department announcing the cancellation of the lost passport, and request the issue of an exit visa for the foreigners;
  • The loser will submit an application (including new pass port, the diplomatic note of the Embassy or Consulates of their country, the report on loss of passport certified by the local police and the air ticket) to the Vietnam Immigration Department, attached with a declaration as per form stipulated by the Ministry of Public Security.

In case you can not deal with the Vietnam Immigration Department to get an exit visa please send us all above mentioned documents and we can help to obtain an exit visa in 5 working days or in 1 working day in emergency situation. The processing fee will vary from 180 USD to 240 USD per exit visa.

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